High-Torque Single-Shaft Shredder Eggersmann Z 60

The new Big Boy of the Eggersmann shredder line!

The Simple Shredder with the Unique Variety of Applications. Able to make a specified and consistent end product in just one pass if required.

The wide range of applications with the new generation of Eggersmann universal shredders is impressive and almost endless. The Eggersmann series machines are as efficient as possible, able to shred waste wood, roots, green waste, logs, C&D waste, commercial waste, MSW, or even tires, plastics, mattresses or batches of special material and more.

30 tools are mounted to the 10 ft. long shredding rotor. The counter comb is equipped with 19 teeth. Its simple and sturdy design enables a quick and flexible variation of the distances between the rotor tools and the counter comb tools. Depending on the requirements, different setting options are available to react to the desired size of the finished product.

After passing the counter comb, the material falls onto the discharge conveyor. As an option, the machine can be equipped with a screen basket. In that case, the shredded material first falls onto this screen basket, which encloses the lower half of the rotor. The size of the finished product can additionally be adjusted with the screen basket.

Thanks to the double-bolt locking the risk of losing it is very unlikely and changing the, is very easy. The (Standard) Multigrip teeth are perfect to shred wood waste, green waste, MSW, C&D waste, commercial waste, plastics or even railroad ties, while the Rootgrip teeth are specially designed to shred green waste and roots only.

Wide variety of models

Highlights and options of the TEUTON Z 60:

  • Tool-free adjustment of the cutting gap between the shaft and the comb sections for a quick change of the product size
  • Increase of the hopper capacity from approx. 5.5 cy to approx. 9.5 cy when using the double-sided hopper extensions
  • Hydro-mechanical rotor drive for the fastest reversing reaction and high resistance against contaminants
  • Easy access to the shredding compartment thanks to the hydraulically foldable comb door
  • Large and wide conveyor belts for maximum material discharge
  • Discharge height of rear conveyor up to max. 16.5 ft. 
  • Rear conveyor belt with infinitely adjustable height and speed
  • MMS – Minimum Maintenance System
  • Eggersmann Telematics System


  • Screening basket system underneath the shaft to make a specified and consistent product (3 to 10”)
  • Neodymium cross belt magnet, hydraulically height adjustable, metal discharge to both sides
  • DURAMAX shredding rotor (special hard facing)
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Hydraulic drive of the wheeled machine to move it while using the remote control
  • ECOSPRAY – Water spraying system
  • Tool-free to mount hopper extension (16” high)
  • Custom paint finish
  • Automatic lubrication system


IFM 7” touch panel + remote control with screen


6 cylinder Diesel engine Cummins X15 (600 HP)

Rotor Diameter

max. 3.4 ft.

Rotor Length

10 ft.

All Technical Data in section Downloads.

  • Universal – unique variety of applications 
  • pre-shredding or making a sellable product with just one machine
  • Hydro-mechanical drive continuously variable control of rotor speed
  • Simple – minimal maintenance effort, easy handling
  • Eco-friendly – latest motor technology, lowest emissions
  • Motor: 6 cylinder Diesel engine Cummins X15 (600 HP), oversized cooling system with reversible fan
  • Control: IFM 7 “ Touch Panel + remote control with screen


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