High-Torque Dual-Shaft Shredder Eggersmann F 25

For various applications like green waste, waste wood, roots, MSW, C&D waste, industrial waste, asphalt, glass and much more!

You are a contractor looking for a small, versatile, efficient yet powerful machine, then the Eggersmann F 25 is the right choice for you.

The F 25 shredder can handle almost all kinds of waste making a final specified product from 6” to 20”, depending on the size of the breaker bar between both shafts. The hydraulically lift- and lowerable breaker bar can be changed within 15 minutes only to make a different product size. So there is no need to change tools or even the whole shafts.

Simple to operate, easy to maintain

With a volume of 5.5 cy the large tipping hopper allows for a quick and easy feeding by a wheel loader or an excavator. The strong crossbelt magnet over the conveyor belt comes standard and can hydraulically be height adjusted. The dropping height of the material coming from the conveyor belt is 11 ft.

Service and maintenance are an easy task with the Eggersmann F 25 shredder. The large doors of the machine allow for easy access to the engine compartment and to all important components from ground level.

The simple, user-friendly and intelligent control system ensures maximum machine uptime with optimum utilization. All important parameters and error messages as well as maintenance intervals are displayed digitally and ensure the reliability of the machine. The different operation modes of the shafts make this machine unique, as the shafts can run synchronously, asynchronously and with different speeds.

Wide variety of models

The Eggersmann dual-shaft shredder Eggersmann F 25 is available in a wide variety of models:

  • on tracks
  • hook-lift frame / hook-lift frame with lift axle
  • electric version


Production Waste Wood

up to 35 t/h

Production MSW

up to 30 t/h

Production Green Waste

up to 35 t/h

All Technical Data in section Downloads.

  • High-Torque Dual-Shaft Shredder
  • For almost all kinds of waste
  • Breaker bar to mak a specified product size
  • Different operation modes of the shredding shafts
  • Magnetic separator, hydraulically height adjustable


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